Nuberg is India’s leading manufacturer of Nugen PSA Nitrogen Gas generator under technical collaboration with M/s. CarboTech GmbH. Various model available to suit your requirement.

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Hydrogen Generation from Water electrolysis, Methane Steam reforming and Methanol cracking method. We provide high purity hydrogen gas-better than 99.999%, to meet a variety of our client’s industries.

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Nuberg is India’s leading manufacturer of Nugen PSA Oxygen Gas generator. We provide best in the industry customized capacity oxygen generator.

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Air Dryer Unit-ADU

Offering low pressure air dryer, low pressure nitrogen dryer, fully automatic and computerized air handling unit for use in synthetic fiber, chemical process, air curtains and other industrial.

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  • One of World’s Biggest Installations

    High Purity PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

    High Purity PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

  • Hydrogen Generator Installed At Site

    Hydrogen Generator Installed At Site

    Hydrogen Generator Installed At Site

  • What We Do

    Nuberg GPD is India’s leading and trusted manufacturer of Nugen PSA Nitrogen Gas generators under technical collaboration with M/s. Rutgers CarboTech GmbH. We have in house facility and expertise for manufacturing of various Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Absorbers, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Hydrogen Gas Plant, and Nitrogen Gas Plant etc.

    Nuberg Engineering Ltd is also one of the most trusted Project Engineering & Turnkey Contracting organisation, operational globally. It has a dedicated team of highly experienced and skilled professionals & engineers to provide world class turnkey project services consisting of chemicals process know how, engineering design, procurement, implementation commissioning, in field of chemical, Petrochemical, Synthetic fiber etc.

    At Nuberg, we have a sound quality assurance management system. We use the most modern software to provide world class services to our clients.

    Our mechanical fabrication facility consists of well equipped work shop for manufacturing of Pressure vessels, Reactors, Columns, Heat exchangers, Tank etc. So far we have executed a tonnage of 40k MT.

    Our product range includes PSA Nitrogen Generators, PSA Oxygen Generators and Hydrogen generation plants as well.

    Our products & services have found leading customers in India, Thailand, China, Bangladesh, Oman, Egypt, Iraq, Iran Uzbekistan & Others.

    At Nuberg, we bring tried & tested engineering skills and experience to provide comprehensive engineering projects & services using most upto date & proven cutting technology.

    Our client base is a mix of customers from different industries namely- Steel, Pharma, Glass, Oil, Food Packaging, Defence and Synthetic chemicals etc.

    Nuberg’s Competitive edge

    • Single source of Process Development / Project Engineering / Manufacturing of Plants.
    • Very good understanding of Client needs.
    • Quick customer response.
    • Continuous emphasis on R&D
    • 24×7 customer support.
  • Series of Events

  • PHARMA NEXT - MAY 2018

    PHARMA NEXT - MAY 2018

  • TECH VAPI-2018

    TECH VAPI-2018

  • Food & Pack -Tech Expo-Indore- 2018

    Food & Pack -Tech Expo-Indore- 2018