This type of dryer consists of a Freon compressor, a condenser and a heat exchanger. Due to very high cost of refrigerant compressor and controls, the cost of refrigerated type dryer is quite high. These dryers are not preferred for low dew point (-40degc).Due to high cost of dryer and also high maintenance cost of dryers are not very popular. Leveraging upon our advanced facility and experienced workforce, we are instrumental in offering a broad assortment of Refrigerated Air Dryer. These air dryers are the simplest way of removing moisture from compressed air is to reduce the temperature. Manufactured using superior quality components in accordance with set industry guidelines, we offer these refrigerated air dryers at the most reasonable price to the clients.


  • Perfect functioning
  • Robust construction
  • Durable finish standards
  • Superior performance

Process Description

In this dryer compressed air is passed through a heat inter changer where cold refrigerant at around 3 Deg C is passed through the other side of the heat inter changer.

At this temperature most of the moisture is condensed which is then separated and drained out in moisture separator.

A typical representation for the plant is shown in the figure below:

FIGURE: Refrigerated Dryer


  • Synthetic Fiber Industry
  • Chemical Process Industry
  • Air Curtains
  • Other Miscl. Industrial Applications


Product Air Dryer
Plant Capacity 10 CFM to 7500 CFM
Product Specifications Pressure range: 0.5 bar g to 12.5 bar g
Dew Point: -20°C ADP
Purge Loss: NIL