We are manufacturers and suppliers of Hydrogen Gas Purifier. We have in house facility and expertise for manufacturing of various Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Adsorbers, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Tanks etc.

Nuberg takes pride in providing quality equipments for Gas Generation, Gas Drying and Gas Purification systems. These equipments can be skid mounted and may be operated through PLC. We have numerous satisfied customers across the globe spreading over wide range of industry.

Process Description

This is ammonia cracker based hydrogen gas generator. Cracked ammonia is passed through special grade of desiccant in twin tower system ( PSA Type ) having properties of adsorption of Nitrogen molecules at faster rate than hydrogen molecules.


  • Heat Treatment
  • Edible Oil Industry
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Industry
  • Chemical Process Industry


Product Hydrogen Gas
Plant Capacity 1- 500 Nm³/Hr.
Product Specifications Hydrogen : 99.5%
Nitrogen : Upto 0.5%
Oxygen : Nil
Dew Point : (-) 70°C
Pressure : 3.5 to 25 Bar