Nuberg offers Hydrogen plants based on methanol cracking. We provide high purity hydrogen gas-better than 99.999%, to meet a variety of our client’s industries and advance technology application.

Methanol cracking is an extremely useful technology being used to generate Hydrogen at low cost. The plant offers a short Payback period and is built with high safety features and automation. Methanol is considered as a preferred raw material in view of its easy availability and storage features.

Process Description

Methanol and Demineralised Water is mixed, preheated, evaporated and superheated. The mixed superheated gasses the undergo catalytic cracking process and shifting of Carbon Monoxide to form a mixture of Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide and residues of Carbon Monoxide in small quantities. The mixture of gasses is transferred to the PSA section to obtain pure Hydrogen.


  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Steel and Metal processing
  • Power Generation
  • Annealing
  • Process Industries


Product Hydrogen Gas
Plant Capacity 100 – 800 NM³/Hr.
Product Specifications – Purity (max) : 99.9995%
– Pressure : 15 – 25 Bar
– Temp. : ambient